The 2nd Chapter of Acts
Matthew Ward * Annie Herring * Nelly Ward

(Early recordings)
 I'm So Happy  Jesus Is

Easter Song 45

With Footnotes Myrrh 1974
 Which Way The Wind Blows
 Love Peace Joy
 Easter Song
If you're at all familiar with Christian music from the 70's and 80's, this group will need no introduction. Siblings Annie Herring, Matthew Ward and Nelly Ward had done some vocal work on a few early projects such as the Come Together musical and Barry McGuire's first lp but nothing prepared us for this debut when it came out in `74. This album blew me away the first time I heard it! These guys sounded like no other group that I knew of. The music was rock, pop, and ballads, many with a classical feel from the pen of Annie Herring and the exquisite harmonies from the three. Annie has a gift for crafting compositions that express so many facets of the Christian walk. "Which Way The Wind Blows", "Love Joy Peace", "With Jesus" - beautiful compositions. Of course, what can one say about "Easter Song", a two minute number that became an anthem of the Jesus movement. And wait a minute -- Matthew can really belt it out on the rocker "The Devil's Lost Again!" This was released on a CD along with In the Volume of the Book but appears to already be out-of-print and hard to find. A true gem. DH

Which Way The Wind Blows
Goin' Home
With Jesus
The Devil's Lost Again
Love, Peace, Joy
I Don't Wanna Go Home
Easter Song
He Loves Me
Good News
I Fall In Love/Change
The Son Comes Over The Hill

Produced by : Buck Herring

Credits :
a.. Mike Been & Joe Osborn - Bass
b.. David Kemper, John Guerin, Michael Omartian - Drums
c.. Michael Omartian, Anne Herring, Danny Timms & Tom Keene - Piano
d.. Mike Deasy & Art Munson - Guitars
e.. Danny Timms & Michael Omartian - Organ
f.. 2nd Chapter of Acts - Vocals
g.. Michael Omartian - Arp & String/Horn Arrangements except "I Don't Wanna Go Home" - Tom Keene
h.. Recorded & Mixed at Sun West Studios, Hollywood, CA
i.. Wally Duguid - Photography
j.. Buck Herring - Mixer

In the studio during recording
of In The Volume of the Book

In The Volume of The Book Myrrh 1975
 Now That I Belong To You
 Prince Song
 Hey Whatcha' Say
In The Volume of the Book continues at the same level of quality and songwriting as the first record. Guitar master Phil Keaggy makes his presence known as he plays on everything here. "Yahweh" kicks off with a screaming lead guitar and Matthew belting it out on vocals. Includes many more of Annie Herring's classically beautiful songwriting with favorites such as "Prince Song", "Now That I Belong To You", and "Hey, Whatcha Say." Along with their debut, this is another Jesus music classic. A must have. Available on CD. DH

Start Everyday With A Smile
Something Tells Me
The Grey Song
Now That I Belong To You
PS. 63
Prince Song
Morning Comes When You Call
Borrowed Time
Last Day Of My Life
Hey Whatcha' Say
Keep On Shinin'
I Can't Get Near You

Produced by : Buck Herring

Credits :
a.. Mike Been, David Hungate & Emery Gordy - Bass
b.. David Kemper - Drums
c.. Michael Omartian & Anne Herring - Percussion
d.. Michael Omartian & Anne Herring - Piano
e.. Phil Keaggy, Jay Graydon & Larry Rolando - Guitars
f.. Phil Keaggy - Guitar Solos
g.. Danny Timms & Michael Omartian - Organ
h.. 2nd Chapter of Acts - Vocals
i.. Michael Omartian - Aarpvark & Arrangements
j.. Recorded at Sun West Studios, Hollywood, CA
k.. Mastered by Artisan Sound Recorders, Hollywood, CA
l.. Joel Strasser - Photography
m.. Engineered and Produced by Buck Herring

On tour with A Band Called David

To The Bride (w/Barry McGuire) Myrrh 1975
 Which Way's The Light
 I Wonder
 Denomination Blues
Collected from four different performances in 1975, this double lp live set faithfully captures the concert feel, but most importantly personalizes the artists by preserving the dialog between the tunes. Barry especially emerges as a humorous storyteller and all-around lovable thirtysomething hairy Jesus freak. Both acts are backed by a band called David consisting of Herb Melton (bass), Jack Kelly (drums), Richard Souther (keyboards), Rick Azim (guitar) and Paul Offenbacher (also guitar). 2CA provides BGV's to Barry's set (as they did on his first two studio lps), but they also get a good side and a half to themselves, performing several tunes unavailable on their studio albums. An enjoyable event. KS

Tracks: Come To Praise The Lord
Little Bitty Dude
He's Comin' Back
Sad Song
Happy Road
Which Way's The Light
Love Peace Joy
I Wonder
Am I Seeing You
Denomination Blues
A Friend
Jimmy's Song
Snow White
Prince Song
He Alone Is Worthy
Easter Song
He Is Coming
Anyone But Jesus
The Only Way
Sing The Melody
Shock Absorbers
Chosen Generation
Jesus People
I Walked A Mile
Callin' Me Home
Each Other
Doesn't That Bible Say
Doesn't That Bible Say (reprise)

Produced by : Buck Herring

Credits :
a.. Herb Melton - Bass
b.. Jack Kelly - Drums
c.. Richard Souther - Keyboards
d.. Rick Azim & Paul Offenbacher - Guitars
e.. Barry McGuire - Additional Guitar
f.. 2nd Chapter of Acts - Vocals
g.. Anne Herring - Additional Piano
h.. Recorded in 1975 at Warnors Theatre, Fresno California, July 19, 1975
i.. Oakland Auditorium Theatre, Oakland, California, July 26, 1975
j.. Civic Auditorium, Redding, California, August 2, 1975
k.. Burroughs Auditorium, Burbank, California, August 9, 1975
l.. Wally Duguid - Recording Engineer
m.. Gary Bonar & Phil Stephan - Engineering Assistance
n.. Buck Herring - Remix Engineer
o.. Jerry Melrose - Concert Coordinator

Nelly, Annie, Matthew

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How The West Was One (w/Phil Keaggy) Myrrh 1977
 Morning Comes When You Call
 Keep On Shining
 Something Tells Me
Essential three-record concert featuring two of Jesus music's best. As with 2nd Chapter's live To The Bride collaboration with Barry McGuire, musical backing is provided by "a band called David': Herb Melton (bass), Gene Gunnels (drums) and Richard Souther (keyboards). Intro bits and audience interaction are left intact to preserve the concert atmosphere. The Keaggy set is stellar: three sides that reveal a true performer - one wonders what possible reason there could be for this being his only live project released to date. Ever the improviser he provides subtly different angles on studio versions and extends tracks like 'Time' and 'Rejoice' out to 9:44 and 16:22 respectively. The testimonial 'My Life' is unavailable on his studio lps. The 2nd Chapter sides show the group at their peak, with Mr. Keaggy lending his lead guitar as he did on In The Volume Of The Book. Several songs from that lp as well as With Footnotes appear here. Two are from Annie Herring's first solo lp and a couple appear nowhere else. No excuse for not having this. It's a classic. KS

Hey Whatcha Say
Keep On Shinin'
I Fall In Love/Change
Now That I Belong To You
What A Day
Love Broke Thru
Take Me Closer
My Life
Another Try
Just The Same
Easter Song
Dance With You
Which Way The Wind Blows
Something Tells Me
Ps. 61
Grinding Stone
Medley: Morning Comes When You Call/ Son Comes Over The Hill

Produced by : Buck Herring

Musicians :
a.. Herb Melton - Bass
b.. Gene Gunnels - Drums
c.. Richard Souther - Piano
d.. Phil Keaggy - Guitar & Vocals
e.. Peter York - Rhythm Guitar
f.. 2nd Chapter of Acts - Vocals
g.. Richard & Peter - Background Voicals
h.. Wally Duguid - Recordist
i.. Marc Curtis - Concert Coordinator
j.. Buck Herring - Mixer

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Mansion Builder Sparrow 1978
 Rod & Staff
 Mansion Builder
 Well Haven't You Heard

Rod And Staff
Mansion Builder
Ps. 93
Gold In The Cloud
I'll Give My Life Away
Well Haven't You Heard
Lightning Flash
Starlight, Starbright
Make My Life A Prayer To You

Produced by : Buck Herring

Credits :
Herb Melton & Abraham Laboriel - Bass
Gene Gunnels & Bill Maxwell - Drums
Michael Omartian, Anne Herring & Richard Souther - Piano
Peter York & Jay Graydon - Guitars
Richard Souther - Organ, Clavinet and Mini Moog
Michael Omartian - Percussion & Strange Tonal Instruments
2nd Chapter of Acts - Vocals
Michael Omartian - Arp & String/Horn Arrangements
Recorded & Mixed at Buckskin Studios, Northridge, CA
Johanna Van Zant Wyk - Photography
Engineered by Buck Herring

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The Roar Of Love Sparrow (Recorded 1978; released 1980)
 Are You Going To Narnia
 Son Of Adam, Daughter Of Eve
 The Witch's Demise
Steeped with orchestration, Mansion Builder left out the hard rock and refined some of the rough edges. It ultimately emerges as a fine CCM lp, but it's The Roar of Love where 2CA experiences their creative peak. Perhaps it's the inspiration from C.S.Lewis' 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' for this conceptual work that allowed more room for varied expression - at any rate it's probably the closest CCM has ever come to sheer perfection. KS

a.. Are You Going To Narnia?
b.. Lucy's Long Gone
c.. Tell The Truth
d.. Turkish Delight
e.. Son Of Adam Daughter Of Eve
f.. Christmas Where Are You
g.. Gifts From Father Christmas
h.. Aslan Is Killed
i.. The Roar Of Love
j.. I've Heard The Stars Sing Before
k.. He's Broken Thru
l.. Witch's Demise/Get It Into Your Head
m.. Something Is Happening In Me
n.. White Stag

Produced by : Buck Herring

Credits :
a.. Leland Sklar - Bass
b.. David Kemper - Drums
c.. Michael Omartian - Keyboards, Synthesizers & Instrumental Arrangements
d.. Phil Keaggy & Jay Graydon - Guitars
e.. Phil Keaggy - Guitar Solos
f.. Alex Cima - Synthesizer Programming
g.. 2nd Chapter of Acts - Vocals & Crystal Glasses
h.. Matthew Ward - Whistle
i.. Recorded at United Western, Sun West Studios & Frogshoes
j.. Mastered by Location Studios, Burbank, CA
k.. Joel Strasser - Photography
l.. Engineered and Produced by Buck Herring
m.. Larry McAdams - Illustration & Design

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