The Armageddon Experience M/M 1970
I've Got The Love
God Leads A Sheltered Life
Hey with a title like that and a cover bearing giant 3-D letters like a 50's sci-fi movie title you'd expect a heavy duty sonic assault, right? El negativo. Actually they did have a pretty heavy live cut on the Jesus Sound Explosion lp in which they lived up to their moniker, but this their sole studio effort is considerably docile. Armageddon was one of several Campus Crusade For Christ musical ministry groups that flourished in the early 70's (others included New Folk, Great Commission Co, and The Forerunners). Although predominantly folkrock bands, their studio albums attempted to achieve a "now" sound to reach the youth, but often were too afraid to rock out, instead pampering their songs with horns, etc, resulting in an 'Up With People'/'Up Up And Away' choral sound. Armageddon fares a bit better than the others - there are a few good examples of poprock here that I find myself listening to regularly (plus I enjoy the references to the word "groovy"). Produced by a young Michael Omartian who wrote and arranged several of the songs. KS

Armageddon Concert Poster

Dennis Dordigan--vocals
Jon Gilbert--drums
Pam Jovic--vocals
Larry Ashley--piano
Gary Lesneiwski--bass
John Thompson--lead guitar
Kathy McEver--soprano soloist
Laurie Steen--vocals

Interesting trivia - John Thompson is the same guy who later wrote the music to Michael Card's "El Shaddai"