Aslan (Maranatha)
Top-left to right: Toni McWilliams * Mike Holmes * Johnnie Graves * Jim Abdo
Bottom-left to right: Rick Conklin * Bill Hoppe

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 Who Loves the Lonely (Maranatha 6)
Aslan is probably best remembered for their "hard-driving progressive rock 'n' roll" (to quote their booking agency's promotional brochure), challenging audiences with their original material full of intricate instrumental breaks, balanced with ballads, acoustic and worship songs, a thirst for evangelism, and an unquenchable sense of humor. Affiliated with Maranatha! Music in early 1975, their groundbreaking, powerful sound was in sharp contrast to the country-rock style of most of their fellow artists.

Starting out as "In His Name" in 1972, the band changed its name to "Aslan" shortly after joining Maranatha. Based in Long Beach, CA, they played at many of the Knott's Berry Farm Maranatha festivals, toured extensively throughout the western U.S. (with a side trip playing at the 1976 Mardi Gras in New Orleans, with Danny Taylor), and teamed up with many of the well-known Christian artists of Southern California.

Aslan's song "In His Name" was recorded in 1975 for the Maranatha 5 LP, but was deleted just before the album was pressed. 1977 saw the band's recording debut with "Who Loves the Lonely" on Maranatha 6. Though several album projects were planned, none came to fruition. Aslan disbanded in late 1978, but its former members are now laying the groundwork for a reunion concert in 1998.

Aslan's members were:
Jim Abdo (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Rick Conklin (vocals, bass, guitar), Johnnie Graves (drums, percussion), Mike Holmes (vocals, guitar, bass), Bill Hoppe (keyboards, vocals), and Toni McWilliams (vocals, violin, mandolin).

Thanks to Bill Hoppe for above info.

Aslan reformed in 2008 to become BrokenWorks and released a CD called "Blaze Away"