David Burgin/David Rios
Blessed Hope

 Get Right With Jesus (unreleased)
 The Week Song (unreleased)
Thanks to my good friend, David Burgin, original member of Blessed Hope, for the above clips. They come from a forgotten demo tape he found somewhere in his basement. These songs feature David and Dave Rios.

 Something More (Maranatha 1 album)

Concert Library Maranatha! 1974
One of several early Maranatha bands who were very instrumental during the Jesus Movement. Blessed Hope never recorded an album but several of their songs appeared on the first few Maranatha albums.

The above record is the (enhanced) cover for the cassette-only release by Blessed Hope, from Maranatha! Music's "Concert Library" (catalog no. CLC-1). No other details about it, other than it contains 13 songs (perhaps it was a demo for a never-recorded LP). I recognize the voices of keyboardist Bill Bradford (majority of the songs) and guitarist Dave Rios. The drums are rock-solid and probably were played by Don Kobayashi. Since this tape was released in 1974, I imagine it's the same line-up that performed "So Much" on Maranatha 4, released the same year:

The original members were David Rios & David Burgin; later Jim Golden (former JOY member) joined. David Burgin & David Rios wrote and performed "Something More" on the Maranatha 1 album. The songs David Rios & David Burgin wrote and played were:
Something more
Get Right with Jesus
Quiet Song
Week Song

David Burgin: rhythm guitar, lead vocal
David Rios: acoustic guitar, vocals
Jim Golden: guitar
Bill Bradford: piano, vocals
Pat Patton: bass, vocals
Doug Krupinski: lead guitar
Don Kobayashi: drums

Contributed by Bill Hoppe & David Burgin.