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Some interesting facts: Denny was a member of the group Blues Image who had a Top Ten hit in the late 60's with "Ride Captain Ride." He was also later an original member of Love Song when they were still a secular band playing night clubs and wrote the lyrics to "Changes" off the first Love Song album. Member of the early group Manna also. Denny died at age 56 on Nov 29th, 2002. DH

Denny during his Blues Image days

Standin' In The Light Maranatha 1979

Blues Image (1970)

Hi, I was reminiscing and thought I'd try to find Denny, not having any contact with him since the day he witnessed to me in 1983. I was sorry to hear he has gone on only because I wish i could contact him again for some advice.

In Spring,1983 I was a secular entertainer working in the Miami Airport Sheraton Hotel bar (Daphne's). I had cried out to the "God consciousness" just days before, "Lord, if you're really trying to tell me to accept Jesus, then send someone right into this bar to tell me" During our last set, a golden haired man walked in, I knew he was a musician instantly, he had music all over him. I kept my eye on him.

He sat at the bar, when the set was over I walked past him, he turned and asked if I wanted a drink. I took an O.J. and sat down. I told him I knew he was a musician and asked what kind of music he played (I was being curious, not seductive) He said, "Nothing you've ever heard of." That was a curiosity and an insult since I'd been in everything from duo's to big-bands and I told him there was no music i was unaware of, he said "I play music with a message" I grabbed his collar..."YOU'RE A CHRISTIAN AREN'T YOU!!!...What do I have to do to be a Christian?" He said, "You need to make a commitment", I asked, "How much of a commitment do I need to make?" he said, "How much of Jesus do you want?" Then, he invited me to come to his hotel room with my band members and he'd tell us more, he and his drummer were staying at that hotel. When we went up he had on his Pj's and was popping jelly beans. He said his wife packed them for him.

He witnessed to us till the wee hours, very shortly after that I got "Fully Ghosted". I still tell that part of my testimony when I minister, it meant everything to me that God answered my ultimatum by sending Denny and Denny was obedient to arrive. His words were straight from Heaven to me because 18 years earlier during a life crisis I heard an audible voice tell me "You will sing My message" I had no idea what that meant but I knew it was from God. How did Denny know to tell me he played music with a message unless he had a pipeline to the Father. Every word he said to me pierced my heart with truth. I just wanted to share that with you since you are one who could put a face to the story.

I really didn't know much about Denny, at different times over the years I've searched the internet for him and then just now found your site! Sadly to find Denny is not available for comment, but now that I've read he had a way with one-on-one witnessing I would love to learn more of his stories. I would love to let his wife know mine, one obscure story but my whole family has been impacted by the Gospel and although there were a few people that had their part in leading me Denny was a complete stranger and his witness convinced me that Jesus was real and made me run, not walk in the right direction.

Sincerely, Sheryl Ferguson