Andrae Crouch
& The Disciples

Front row: Billy Preston on left. Back row: Andrae in middle

In the early '60s, prior to forming The Disciples, Andrae was in a group called The Cogics which included a young keyboard player named Billy Preston.

Original 1968 cover

Take The Message Everywhere Light 1968
First effort on Light Records from this former child prodigy who was given the "gift of music" when prayed over by his father. This album is a glimpse at his excellent song writing skills. Crouch is remembered as one of the premier contemporary black gospel artists, and one of the foremost songwriters to emerge from the revival. DS
(The Disciples included Sherman Andrus, Billy Thedford, Perry Morgan & Ruben Fernandez)

Keep On Singin' Light 1971
 Take A Little Time
 I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'
 I've Got Confidence
 My Tribute(To God be the Glory)
His second release including Perry Morgan, Billy Thedford, Tramaine Hawkins, and Andrae's twin sister Sandra doing background vocals. A second album of black gospel songs. DS

Sandra & Andrae

Soulfully Light 1972
 Through It All
Soulful collection including the popular song "Through It All." The back cover shows a shot of Andrae and crew performing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Best cuts include "You Don't Know What You're Missing" and the eschatological "It Won't Be Long." DS

On NBC-TV Tonight Show

Just Andrae Light 1972
 Bless His Holy Name (Psalm 1:3)
 Come On Back My Child
Backed up musically by the group Sonlight and vocally by Danniebelle Hall, Paula Clarin and Phyllis Swisher. DS

Live At Carnegie Hall Light 1973
 Jesus Is The Answer
 It Won't Be Long
One Touch Of His Hand
This album marked a turning point in Crouch's career as previous efforts had not sold well. Recorded in October 1972 the album captured the passion and the fervor of their live "Holy Spirit powered" performances which catapulted them into one of the top drawing Jesus Music acts of the era. Back cover states "this album is not a slick or watered-down album. It is rough and honest." One of the first live Jesus Music concerts ever to be recorded he was backed up by the group Sonlight. DS

Take Me Back Light 1975
 Tell Them
 Take Me Back
 Just Like He Said He Would
Best cuts on this album are "Just Like He Said He Would" and "You Can Depend on Me." Includes Billy Preston (the 'fifth Beatle') on organ. DS

The Best Of Andrae Light 1975
A "best-of" album by one of Jesus Music's most enduring pioneers. Includes favorites such as "Through It All," "My Tribute," "I Don't Know Why," "Bless His Holy Name," "I'm Gonna Keep On Singing," and "I've Got Confidence." Most of these songs had a wide range of influence throughout Jesus People worship gatherings and even found their way into the mainstream as the song "Jesus is the Answer" was included on a live album done by Paul Simon. DS

This Is Another Day Light 1976
Perfect Peace
This Is Another Day
Soon and Very Soon
Of this album Crouch was quoted as saying, "the palm trees on the jacket, the soft pastel colors, the Polynesian lilt in some of the songs - that's the sort of person I really am inside." DS

Live In London Light 1978
A double live album interspersed with brief talks by Crouch. Includes songs "My Tribute," "I Surrender All," and stirring renditions of the hymns "Revive Us Again" and "Power in the Blood." DS

I'll Be Thinking of You Light 1979
There's No Hatred
Jesus Is Lord
Touch Me

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