Daniel Amos

Daniel Amos Maranatha 1976
Loser And Winners
Ain't Gonna Fight It
'That country album' is what it's usually referred to by fans of what would eventually become Christian music's most celebrated "alternative' band of the 80's and 90's. Hard to believe it's the same guys, but the original line-up of Terry Taylor, Jerry Chamberlain, Marty Dieckmeyer and Steve Baxter were on the Maranatha label where good-ol' cowboy sounds ruled. Harmless, pleasant, listenable, and better than most. Lines like "Oh my! You'll fry as we wave goodbye to you" (from 'Skeptic's Song', credited to Dan Amos and The Maranatha Mood Makers) foreshadowed the zaniness that was to come. KS

Jesus Is Jehovah To Me
The Bible
Prelude: Servan'ts Prayer
Don't Light Your Own Fire
Losers And Winners
Walking On The Water
Ridin' Along
Dusty Road
Love In A Yielded Heart
Skeptics' Song

Produced by : Al Perkins

Credits :
Terry Taylor - 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Lead & Background Vocals
Jerry Chamberlain - Electric Lead Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals
Mary Dieckmeyer - Bass John Ware - Drums, "Hoo-Doo Meat Box"
Mike "Pooh Bear" Baird - Drums
Steve Baxter - 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Juice Harp, Harmonica, Whistle, Lead Vocal,
Master of Ceremonies Alex MacDougall - Percussion
Brian Carroll - Nylon String Lead, Rhythm
Jerry Waller - Piano
Al Perkins - Pedal Steel Guitar, Banjo
Dan Amos - Other Percussive Embellishments
Bob Warford - Pull String Guitar, 6 String Acoustic
Dave Diggs - Piano, Horn Arrangements
Dave Angel - Sax Solo, Clarinet
Joann Grauer - Fender Rhodes
John Wickham - Bell Monitor
Engineer - Jonathan David Brown
Recorded at: Mama Jo's, N. Hollywood, Studio 55, Hollywood, Independent Recorders, Hollywood
Mixed at Mama Jo's by Al Perkins & Jonathan David Brown
Mastered by: Bernie Grundman - A & M
Remix Engineer - Billy Taylor
Daniel Amos - Cover Concept Dale G. Waters
Design & Illustration Hosmer C McKoon
Dan Agulian - Photography

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Shotgun Angel Maranatha 1977
Shotgun Angel
Posse In The Sky(Live)
When this animal hit the shelves in 1977 I doubt anyone was really prepared for it. I can just picture folks putting the needle to their latest slab of freshly acquired Jesus music and going "Woah, what on earth is this?!". Well if Norman's 'Upon This Rock' started the ball rolling, Shotgun Angel turned it all on its head and realized new possibilities. Yes, Christian music could actually be creativel The pure and simple "country" style of the debut by this time had evolved into "country rock" - 'Black Gold Fever' and the title track ("got an angel ridin' shotgun and he's ridin' with you all the way") in particular - but it also went far beyond that, most notably the conceptual rock epic comprising the whole of side two. It's a brilliantly creative opus thematically depicting the end times, starting with the orchestral 'Bereshith Overture', on through various Revelation themes such as the mark of the beast ('he's gonna do a number on you"), and culminating in the second coming where believers are met by a 'Posse In The Sky'. A pivotal album that remains absolutely important today.

Days and Nights
Black Gold Fever
Praise Song
Father's Arms
Shotgun Angel
Finale: Bereshith Overture
Lady Goodbye
The Whistler
He's Ganna Do A Number On You
Sail Me Away
Posse In The Sky

25th Anniversary CD Includes:
Jonah and the Whale
Takes A Heartache
Farther Along

Produced by : Jonathan David Brown

Credits :
Terry Taylor - Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals
Jerry Chamberlain - Guitars, Lead & Background Vocals
Mary Dieckmeyer - Bass & background vocals
Ed McTaggart - Drums, Percussion & Background Vocals
Mark Cook - Keyboards, Lead & Background Vocals
Alex MacDougall & Pobert Petry - Percussion
Pete Jacobs - clarinets on "Black Gold Fever"
Don Franco - Pedal Steel Guitar
Frank Marocco - Accordion
Dan Amos - Carrot Choir & Celery Symphony on Meal
John Benson - Eefin' on Meal
Mike Shoup - C.B.
Jim Stipech - Strings Arrangements & Conducting
Recorded: MartinSound Studios, Alhambra, CA
Mixed by: Jonathan David Brown at Producer's Workshop
Mastered by: Ken Perry - Captiol Records, Hollywood, CA
Daniel Amos - Cover Concept
Neal Buchanan - Art Direction, Desing & Layout
Larry Frowick - Photography
Scott Lockwood - Inside Photgraphs

Daniel Amos circa late 70's

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Horrendous Disc Solid Rock 1981(1978)
I Love You #19
On The Line
I Believe In You
Drawing inspiration from both the Beach Boys and the Beatles this album is definitely one of the most unique Christian albums ever committed to vinyl. The artwork is loosely based on a skit the band dreamed up about "preachers from outer space." The title cut is a brilliant metaphor for the ultimate recording of one's spiritual life. Each of the other cuts are as equally rewarding. Three different versions of the album with slightly differing artwork and songs (Canadian, American, and British lps). DS

I Love You # 19
Hound Of Heaven
near sighted girl with approaching Tidal Wave
Sky King (Out Across The Sky)
On The Line
I Believe In You
Man In The Moon
Never Leave You
Horrendous Disc

Produced by : Solid Rock

Musicians :
Terry Taylor - Guitar and Vocals
Jerry Chamberlain - Guitars and Vocals
Mary Dieckmeyer - Bass and Vocals
Ed McTaggart - Drums and Vocals
Mark Cook - Keyboards and Vocals
Alex MacDougall - Percussion

Songs arranged and produced by Mike Stone and Terry Taylor Layout and Liner Notes: Larry Norman All songs written by Terry Taylor except: "Man In The Moon" by Jerry Parker Chamberlain, "Never Leave You" by Mark Cook, "Horrendous Disc" by Terry Scott Taylor, Jerry Parker Chamberlain, Mark Cook

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