John Fischer

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The Cold Cathedral FEL 1969
 Look All Around You
 Road Of Life
Away back in 1969, celebrated singer, guitarist, songwriter, author, and all-around insightful human being John Fischer not only had hair on his head but also a completely different sound. To quote the back cover, Fischer's record is "hard, driving beat, cool reflective guitar and flute, pop sound reminiscent of the 20's that is almost 'camp', western idiom, and dramatic tone pictures which themselves comment on the text." It's a far cry from his more polished Light albums on which you'll find nothing near the go-go organ pop/beat of 'Got To Shout About It'. A bit harder to find, too, having been released on a small mostly- Catholic label, but seek it out - it's a folk/pop masterpiece! KS

Have You Seen Jesus My Lord FEL 1970
Have You seen Jesus My Lord
Trust & Obey
The Way Of All Flesh
Took me forever to find this one but once in my hands I immediately fell in love with it. Superb follow-up to The Cold Cathedral with a similar yet more mature sound ranging from simple acoustic James Taylor-styled folk ('Jesus Is My Song', 'Sons of Cain') to dynamic tracks that feature the gospelly background vocals of The Danniebelles ('Jesus My Lord', 'Way of All Flash'). Some of John's most moving songwriting - 'The Word' and 'Light' in particular touch me in a powerful way, as well as the delicate piano ballad 'Love'. Country influences show up again including a twangy pedal steel version of 'Trust And Obey'. It's easy to see why this gentleman is one of the most revered from the early scene. KS

Still Life Light 1974
Simple Pleasures
All Day Song
While a member of the Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California, Fischer initiated the Discovery Arts Guild that was formed to help creative artists in their endeavor to adapt spirituality and their muse. Hauntingly beautiful melodies are strengthened by his spiritually rich lyrical content. Fischer considers this some of his best work. DS

The New Covenant Light 1975
Let It Be Free
Evangelical Mail Productions
A different slant for his fourth release as Fischer takes aim at creating a musical directed at children. DS

Naphtali Light 1976
Thank You Lord
Album title is taken from the name of one of Jacob's 12 sons (Genesis 49:21) which means "like a doe set free; he gives beautiful words." Harmony magazine stated that the singer's "purpose in this LP [is] to draw a parallel between the prophesy about Naphtali and the life of a Christian" which is "that we too have been set free to live as a beautiful statesmen to the world." DS

Inside Light 1978
Master Potter

Johnny's Cafe Light 1979
Johnny's Cafe
Pawns In The Game