The Richie Furay Band
Jay Truax, John Mehler, Tom Stipe, Richie Furay

I've Got A Reason Elektra 1976 (1981 reissue on Myrrh)

We'll See
I've Got A Reason
Over & Over Again

For the uninitiated, the name Richie Furay harkens back to the 60's as a member of classic groups like Buffalo Springfield, Poco and the Southern Hillman Furay Band. After his conversion he was joined by ex-Love Song rhythm section, Jay Truax and John Mehler, along with keyboardist Tom Stipe (Country Faith) to form the Richie Furay Band. This is a tight rock 'n roll record with some great synth and production work from Michael Omartian and Furay's lead guitar and unique vocals. It's a shame this one fell through the cracks and basically went unnoticed, perhaps because it was on a secular label. It was reissued a few years later on Myrrh with a different cover. Finally released on CD in 2003. DH

Look At The Sun
We'll See
Gettin' Through
I've Got A Reason
Mighty Maker
You're The One I Love
Still Rolling Stones
Over And Over Again

Produced by : Bill Schnee & Michael Omartian

Musicians :
a.. Steve Cropper - Guitar
b.. Richie Furay - Guitars and Vocals
c.. Jay Truax - Bass and Vocals
d.. John Mehler - Drums and Vocals
e.. Michael Omartian - Keyboards and Vocals
f.. Don Barber - Banjo
g.. Myrna Matthews - Vocals
h.. Alex MacDugall - Percussion
i.. Al Perkins - Guitar
j.. Tom Stipe - Keyboards and Vocals
k.. Ann Wade - Vocals
l.. Carolyn Willis - Vocals

Alex MacDougall (percussion)
David Diggs (keyboards)
Virgil Beckham (guitar and vocals) (briefly)
Bill Batstone (bass) (replaced Jay Truax)
Bob Wall(Love Song) played with them briefly also

Dance A Little Light Asylum 1978
It's Your Love
Your Friends
Ooh Dreamer
Yesterday's Gone
Someone Who Cares
Dance A Little Light
This Magic Moment
Bittersweet Love
You Better Believe It
Stand Your Guard

Produced by : Jim Mason

Musicians :
a.. Richie Furay - Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Rhythm Guitars, Harmony Vocals
b.. Virgil Beckham - Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals
c.. John Mehler - Drums
d.. Billy Batstone - Bass
e.. Gabriel Katona - Keyboards
f.. Jim Horn, Tom Kubis & Jim Coile - Saxes
g.. Trombone - Jack Redman
h.. Chuck Findley & Steve Madaio
i.. George Poole - Concert Master
j.. Timothy B. Schmit - Background Vocals
k.. Victor Feldman - Congas, Vibes
l.. David Cassidy - Background Vocals
m.. Jim Mason - Cowbell & Handclaps
n.. Jim Messina - Guitar Solo on "Ooh Dreamer"
o.. Ed Cobb - Background Vocals
p.. Alex MacDougall - Percussion
q.. George Gantham - Background Vocals
r.. Chris Hillman - Background Vocals
s.. Al Perkins - Acoustic Guitar, Pull-String Telecaster, Pedal Steel
t.. Rusty Young - Acoustic Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar
u.. Strings & Horns Arranged & Conducted by David Diggs
v.. Eric Prestidge - Engineer
w.. Nighttime Dave Ruffo, Lon Neuman, Chris Desmond, Skip Cottrell, Leonard Kovner, Rick Hart, Ralph Osborn & Eric Feldman - Engineering Assistance
x.. Recorded at Davlen Sound Studios, Los Angeles, Producers Workshop, L.A., & Wally Heider Recording, L.A.
y.. Mixed at Producers Workshop by Eric Prestidge, assisted by Bill Gazecki, Rick Hart, Dave LaBarre
z.. Mastered by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab
aa.. Johnny Lee - Album Design
ab.. Henry Diltz & Scott Lockwood - Photos

I Still Have Dreams Asylum 1979

Oooh Child
Lonely Too Long
Island Love
Come On
I Was A Fool
I Still Have Dreams
Headin' South
Oh Mary
What's The Matter, Please?

Produced by : Val Garay

Credits :
a.. Richie Furay - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Background Vocals
b.. Waddy Wachtel & Dan Dugmore - Electric Guitars
c.. Russell Kunkel - Drums & Percussion
d.. Leland Sklar - Bass
e.. Craig Doerge - Keyboards
f.. Timothy B. Schmit, Randy Meisner, Rosemary Butler, Craig Fuller, Venetta Fields - Background Vocals
g.. William D. Smith - Organ
h.. John David Souther - Background & Harmony Vocals
i.. Val Garay - Engineer
j.. George Ybarra & Niko Bolas - Engineering Assistance
k.. Mastered by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab
l.. Ron Coro - Art Direction & Design
m.. Jim Shea - Photos

Souther, Hillman, Furay Band Asylum 1974

Trouble In Paradise Asylum 1975

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