Gentle Faith
Don Gerber * Paul Angers * Steve Kara * Darrell Mansfield * Henry Cutrona

Gentle Faith Maranatha 1976
Livin' In The Sonshine
Goin' Back Home
Hey, what's not to like? Versatile lp by veteran (even then!) musicians featuring, for my money, two of the very best lead vocalists in Henry Cutrona and Darrell Mansfield. They ain't bad as songwriters either! From straight rockin' to hoedown banjo gitdown, there is something to tantalize any ear and pleasing vocal harmonies are the norm. These guys set the standard for the many flowing, open-skied, countrified rockin' lps so prevalent at this time in the Jesus music movement. 'Jerusalem' is still played on Christian radio. Also sports a wonderful stitched logo cover. The look and sound of Jesus music 1976. BF

Original Gentle Faith (circa 1970-1):
On Maranatha 1
The Shepherd (Maranatha 1)
(all guitar and vocals)
John Wilson
Henry Cutrona
Larry Needham