Glass Harp
Phil Keaggy * Dan Pecchio * John Sferra

Glass Harp Decca 1971
Can You See Me
Look In The Sky
On Our Own

Dan, Phil & John

Synergy Decca 1972
One Day At A Time
Song Of Hope
The Answer

It Makes Me Glad Decca 1973
David & Goliath
Do Lord
Song In The Air

Song In The Air Star Song 1977
Fans of Phil Keaggy need no introduction to his early 70's progressive rock band Glass Harp. While Phil has many fine solo lps to his credit, it is these three albums that the Keaggy- phile keeps coming back to for sheer guitar virtuosity and to experience the pyrotechnics that decorate his live performances. Not to imply that these albums are all flash - au contraire, some of Phil's most moody and atmospheric passages are to be found etched in these grooves. The Star Song album compiles several of the Keaggy compositions from the three Decca albums and is a good representation of the "Jesus music" side of Glass Harp. The remainder of the Decca material is either composed or co-written with fellow band members John Sferra (drums) and Dan Pecchio (bass). While not really classifiable as 'Jesus music", their output comprises some of the best moments on these lps and you'd do well to give it an ear. Rumors of a fourth lp have been confirmed - it actually pre-dates all these and exists in acetate form only (though bootleg tapes are floating around). Incredible stuff really. KS

Glass Harp-Live! At Carnegie Hall 1997 (1971)
Band Introduction
Never Is A Long Time
Do Lord
Can You See Me
Originally recorded in December of 1971 this was supposed to be the band's 3rd album but for some reason was put on the shelf for over two decades until being finally released as a CD in 1997. Features the band at the top of their form opening for the Kinks at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. The short clips included here don't do justice to the extended jams that take place on this classic recording. A must for any Keaggy/Glass Harp fan. They must have blown the Kinks' fans away on this night!!