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For Him Who Has Ears To Hear Sparrow 1977
Because Of You
You Put This Love In My Heart
He'll Take Care Of The Rest
As the late `70s approached, there had been so many great albums released, but it seemed that Christian music really needed a boost, something new, something fresh - that "something" was Keith Green. Keith was the founder of Last Days Ministries, and his debut album caused quite a bit of excitement among CCM fans with its joyous themes, brilliant piano playing and Keith's unique expressive voice. Injecting humor in songs such as "He'll Take Care of the Rest" (`He is de-vine and we are de-branch;) and the joy of knowing Christ in "You Put This Love In My Heart" and "Because Of You", Keith had a way with a song quite unlike anyone before him. Also does a nice rendition of 2nd Chapter of Acts' "Easter Song" with an added verse by Keith. This became one of Sparrow's best selling records during the late `70s. Available on CD. DH

Keith & Melody from back of
For Him Who Has Ears To Hear album

Keith w/Bill Maxwell

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Asleep In The Light
To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice
No Compromise Sparrow 1978
No Compromise was one bold statement. With this album Keith became known to many as a modern day "John the Baptist." Stinging prophetic lyrics directed at complacency in the church and apathy in Christendom ("Asleep In The Light", "To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice") there were many who felt this album was a bit too strong. I personally have found this album to be one of my all-time favorites and it convicted me in many areas of my life where I was lethargic as a Christian. Musically, a little more polished than the first album again with session players Hadley Hockensmith, Bill Maxwell and Harlan Rogers providing excellent musicianship. A super album with hook-laden pop numbers such as "You" and "Soften Your Heart", ballads, "Make My Life A Prayer" and even an all-out rocker, "Dear John Letter(to the Devil)." The cover, depicting Jesus refusing to bow to Pharaoh, remains a classic. As most know, Keith went to be with the Lord in 1982 in a tragic airplane crash along with two of his children and a visiting family. We are fortunate to have this recorded legacy of a man, his music and the witness of his love for Christ. Available on CD. DH

Inside jacket of No Compromise

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