The Imperials
Jim Murray * Terry Blackwood
Sherman Andrus * Armond Morales

Imperials w/Jake Hess

Boy, the history of the Imperials goes way, way back. Beginning in the 60's, they started as a gospel quartet, even backing up the king, Elvis Presley for a while. The group has gone through many personnel changes, music styles and lead singers such as Terry Blackwood and Sherman Andrus . Original member, Armond Morales, is still with the group. Perhaps their best known line-up was when Russ Taff joined them in 1977 for the Sail On album. With this album, the music began hinting strongly at a pop sound. But it wasn't until the production genius of Michael Omartian on One More Song that finally established this group as a bonafide contemporary group. Some of the later albums are available on CD. DH

Old Fashioned Faith 196?

First Day In Heaven 196?

Love Is The Thing Impact 1969
He Touched Me
Love Is The Thing

Fireside Chat Heart Warming 196?

Believe It Impact 1970
Sweet Sweet Spirit
If That Isn't Love

Gospel's Alive & Well Impact 1970

Time To Get It Together Impact 1971
This Train
Time To Get It Together

Song Of Love Impact 1972
Gospel Ship

A Thing Called Love Vista 1973

Live Impact 1973
Jesus Made Me Higher
Oh Happy Day

Follow the Man With The Music Impact 1974
More Than You'll Ever Know
He's On His Way

No Shortage Impact 1975
No Shortage
Give Them All To Jesus

Just Because Impact 1976
Sometimes Alleluia
Just Because

1968-1972 The Collector's Series Impact 1977
First Day In Heaven
Swing Low Sweet Chariot

The Best of The Imperials Impact 1977
He's Coming Back
My Child Welcome Home

Armond Morales * Russ Taff * David Will * Jim Murray

Sail On Dayspring 1977
Sail On

Live Dayspring 1978
New Creation
Old Gospel Ship

Heed The Call Dayspring 1979
Praise The Lord
Heed The Call
Oh Buddha

Featuring Terry and Sherman Impact 1979
Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life

One More Song For You Dayspring 1979
 Eagle Song
I'm Forgiven