Asleep In The Light

Keith minstering
"I gave my life to Christ in 1980 and was living under almost umbearable circumstances at the time. I began to listen to Keith's music and got the magazines. They were very influential in establishing me in the Word and being an example of what a Christian truly is. I was very shaken by his death and the death of his children but know there must be a reason."
"Keith Green was the most intense man that Christian music has ever seen. He wrote some of the most powerful songs ever written, and I'm one of his biggest fans (he didn't like having fans, by the way)."

My Eyes Are Dry
(Jesus Northwest 1978)

"Man...if the voice of God could speak today, it would probably sound like what Keith had to say. This world's even messed up more than it was 20-25 years ago. Praise God that his music ministry still goes on!!"


At a tent revival - Dallas, TX 1978

With producer and friend Bill Maxwell 1978

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