Karen Lafferty

Bird in a Golden Sky Maranatha 1975
 Bird In A Golden Sky
 No Time For Jesus
One of the most promising songwriters to emerge from the Jesus People, Lafferty was responsible for the chorus  "Seek Ye First." Arranged by Peter Jacobs of the Children of the Day the songs on this album reflect the inspirational spontaneity that was very prevalent in the early days of the movement. The liner notes state "his perfect freedom is inexpressible in words, but I pray that in your spirit you know what it is to be free as a Bird in a Golden Sky." Lafferty was one of two women ordained as a music minister by Maranatha! Music. Acoustic based easy listening style music. DS

Sweet Communion Maranatha 1978
 Peace Thru The Day
 Father Of Lights
 Beautiful Day
Lushly orchestrated light folk cum easy listening offering from the gal who wrote 'Seek Ye First'. Mellow breezy pop feel balanced with gentle ballads yet folky enough to distinguish from the 80's onslaught of saccharin sisters. Bird In A Golden Sky was produced by Peter Jacobs of Children of The Day, Sweet Communion by Jonathan David Brown, both with every Maranathian that ever existed joining in on the instruments. If Christian music had a pop chart back in 1978, 'Beautiful Day' certainly deserved a spot on top. KS