Danny Lee & The Children Of Truth (UK)

One Way RCA 1971
Along with Larry Norman one of the first early artists to obtain a mainstream recording contract. The title of the album is an obvious attempt by the company to capitalize on the movement mania that year. DS

Spread A Little Love Around RCA 1972
The second release begins with the title track that became a popular tune for traveling southern gospel groups. Lee shares the lead singing duties with his all-girl backup singers which make for a gospellish sound. The liner notes may be a little exaggerative when they compare Lee to Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and The Beatles. The album was produced by Hal Spencer. DS

Essence Impact 1974
After two albums on the mainstream RCA label, Lee & the Children of Truth are signed to a Christian label. Less orchestrated and slightly more rock oriented the back cover photo shows the band adopting a more countercultural image than that on the front cover of the previous release. DS