Mighty Flyers (UK)

Low Flying Angels Myrrh 1974

Under New Management Trust 1975

What Kind Of King Trust 1976
All three projects are linked by David Rees' velvety gravel John Stewart baritone and the word-conscious country-tinged Band- like sounds that contemporize the Bible in a most pleasing manner(whew!). Dobro, violin, slide guitar, and piano along with the regular rock formula. All wonderfully easy to listen to and quite satisfying. First lp has a nice version of 'Dark End Of The Street' and a humorous look at life that is all too true today with 'How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?', but 'What Kind of King' is my favorite. On 'Love Like An Ocean' ("a heart that's set on You knows no bounds"), a truck-driving Joseph in 'Thinking of Mary Tonight', and the hope-filled 'I Looked Down' the quintet shines lyrically and musically. Probably never had a hit single, but can still touch the heart and soul of any listener. KS