Mustard Seed Faith

 Rest (Maranatha 3 album)

Sail On Sailor Maranatha 1975
 The Question
 Sail On Sailor
 Sweet Jesus Morning
After a few appearances on the Maranatha samplers, the trio of Oden Fong, Lewis McVay, and Pedro Buford entered Jesus music history with this highly respected full-length outing which also happens to sport a spectacular cover by rock artist Rick Griffin. As with Love Song, the music is mostly soft rock with an appealing atmospheric quality courtesy of Oden's smooth soothing vocals and Buford's drifty flute passages. Subdued synths, electric piano, some orchestration here and there. A melodic winner from Maranatha's heyday. Despite all the hooplah about the band this was the only album they did, though both Oden and Lewis went on to do solo projects for the label (the band did re-unite in the early 80's to record the inferior Limited Edition). One of the few classic lps to be re-issued on CD. KS

Mustard Seed Faith:
Oden Fong (guitar and vocals)
Wade Link (guitar and vocals)
Pedro Buford (piano and vocals)
Lewis McVay (guitar and vocals) replaced Wade Link