Jamie Owens-Collins

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Laughter in Your Soul Light 1973
 You'll Start Falling In Love
 Walk In The Sunshine
 May I Introduce You

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Growing Pains Light 1975
 Singin' Hallelujah
 The Victor
 My Prayer For You

Love Eyes Light 1978
 Love Eyes
 Hidden Treasure
 Mighty River
Another sister from the heyday of Jesus music who needs little introduction. Jimmy Owens (ie, dad) and Buck Herring produced Laughter in Your Soul and it sounds an awful lot like 2nd Chapter Of Acts (perhaps because they provide the vocal backgrounds?). 'Peace', 'Love Is' and 'Walk In The Sonshine' (with fuzz guitar!) all appear also on early Barry McGuire lps. More orchestration was added to the Al Perkins-produced Growing Pains which enlisted the talents of John Michael Talbot, Terry Talbot, Keith Green and Michael Omartian among others. The album also includes what is perhaps her most recognized song 'The Victor', made popular on Keith Green's No Compromise. KS

Cover of Contemporary Christian Acts magazine - predecessor of CCM

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