More Than Words Maranatha! 1977
Chuck Butler had previously recorded on the early Maranatha sampler lps under the name Country Faith. Here on Parable he shares lead vocals with Joy Strange, joined by Don Kobayaski on drums and Pat Patton on bass. Musically they fall somewhere between folkrock and light rock with nice acoustic guitars, some 70's pop-rock moves, occasional country elements. Very melodic stuff and an above-par early Maranatha release enhanced by decent songwriting. KS

Illustrations Maranatha! 1977
 Got To Decide
 Come Untangled
A few personnel changes for this one, picking up John Wickham from The Way on lead guitar for a heavier rock edge to their still more-or-less middle-ground rock sound. Parts recall early Servant. KS

Parable: More Than Words
Chuck Butler: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Don Kobayashi: drums
Pat Patton: bass, vocals
Joy Strange: acoustic guitar, lead vocals

Parable: Illustrations
Gary Arthur: bass, vocals
Chuck Butler: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Alan DiCato: keyboards, vocals
Lisa Faye Irwin: lead vocals, percussion
Don Kobayashi: drums, percussion
John Wickham: lead guitar, vocals