Ray Repp

Mass For Young Americans FEL 1966

Allelu FEL 1966

Come Alive FEL 1967

Sing Praise FEL 1968

The Time Has Not Come True FEL 1969

Hear The Cryin' Myrrh 1972

Give Us Peace Agape 1975

Benedicamus Joral 1978
I suppose in one sense Ray Repp could be considered as the guy who started it all. Although there were a handful of lps before them, it was Mass For Young Americans and Allelu whose songs kick-started the Catholic folk mass. Not that these are necessarily great albums to listen to. Both are pretty much some examples of Christian music's caveman era as far as recording quality, Mass being a handful of ordinary men gathered around a guitar and Allelu coming across like a youth group service. They are more important for the songs they contain:'Clap Your Hands', 'Here We Are', 'Hear, O Lord', 'Shout From The Highest Mountain', 'Come Away', 'Allelu', etc. Come Alive produced more listenable results including the Jesus people crossover 'I Am The Resurrection'. Repp went electric and added a beat with Sing Praise which includes several re- interpretations of earlier tunes. The Time Has Not Come True changed direction again and revealed a softer folk and pop mixture. The lyrical focus had changed as well, opting for a more ecumenical brotherhood kind of message. After a brief hiatus Repp appeared with an album on of all places the Myrrh label. Hear The Cryin' and Give Us Peace both show a more mature songwriter continuing in the folk, pop and rock style. Benedicamus is his eighth lp and for this listener his most satisfying work, consisting of well-crafted folk with a few mild pop, rock and country overtures. Simple melodies led by either guitar or piano, some with a few backup singers on the choruses. Parts real pretty, like the recorders on 'Garment of Gold', or the deep solemn Gregorian chant-like singing that opens and closes the lp. The gatefold cover art is suitable for framing. You owe this man a listen. KS