Nedra Ross

Back in the early '60's, Nedra Ross was singing with a group called the Ronettes, whose first big hit was "Be My Baby". Success led the Ronettes to England next where they went on tour with the Rolling' Stones. Then in 1964, they toured the States with the Beatles and even dated Ringo Starr for a while. By 1966, their popularity was soaring in the States and even more so in England.

Nedra met her deejay husband, Scott Ross, when she was only 16 but it was several years later before they started dating. When they did date, there were several years of seeing each other off and on. At the time they were dating, Scott was having serious problems with drugs. During a 1966 visit with his family in Maryland, Nedra visited a small church with Scott, where she accepted the Lord. Scott, who was already a Christian, had strayed from the Lord, and this visit was a time of coming back to the Lord for him.

Afterwards, the Ronettes went on to make a nine-day tour of Germany. During the tour, the Ronettes made the decision to disband as a group. Shortly after the break-up of the group, Nedra and Scott were married, and left literally everything behind them, and moved to Maryland in 1967. Scott went on to continue his budding radio career and eventually established the Christian community of Love Inn in upper New York state. Nedra gave up her musical career to become a Christian wife and mother.

Full Circle New Song 1978

Emerging from a virtually obscure 10 year past, Nedra became involved in a Love Inn project, Ted Sandquist's album, "The Courts of the Kings". New Song released Nedra's premiere solo album, Full Circle. The album features comfortable contemporary sound with good orchestration, background vocals, and the inimitable quality of Phil Keaggy's guitar work backing up Nedra's softsounding vocals.
With Full Circle, Nedra says, "... you get what I was, what I was into, and who I am now. I know I've touched a lot of people in spite of my faults... God has used me and my music, and that's exciting!"