In Jesus Name (Maranatha 1 album)
Selah was one of the very first Maranatha groups, and had a song on the first Maranatha album called "In Jesus' Name." They started out as a girl folk duo of Joy Strange and Cindy Young. Selah added a bass player, piano player, guitarist, and drummer, and all of a sudden were a band.

Joy Strange & Cindy Young

Selah traveled around in a VW van, played a lot of Maranatha concerts, including those at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium. Sometimes they were too rocky for churches, but could always fall back on acoustic guitar and piano ballads. Although there were plans to do an album, the only recording they did was for the first two Maranatha albums.

Erick Nelson with Selah

Sometime players: Mike Fickling (drums), John Mehler (drums), Scott Lockwood (guitar), John Wilson (guitar)


Joy went on to play in the group Parable (with Chuck Butler from Country Faith). Erick continued with Good News and a solo career. Alex played drums/percussion with The Way, the Richie Furay Band, Daniel Amos, and several other groups, and now is a VP at Star Song records. Bugs was a road manager for Love Song, Richie Furay, Andrae Crouch, and Promise Keepers.

Thanks to Erick Nelson for this info and Cindy Young (Barry) for the photos.