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The Illusive Dream Mark 1971
Boy did I get snookered on this one. After hearing their rocky version of 'Spirit In The Sky' on the Jesus Power compilation (included here also), noticing they were on the same label as the hard-rockin' Agape, and seeing that long-haired rebel on the cover, I had expectations of an lp of monstrous proportions. Well, it weren't to be cut what we have hare instead is an album of MUZAK. That's right - MUZAK - as in the elevator variety. Mind you it's fairly decent muzak(oxymoron?). Half the album anyway - these guys have studied their Percy Faith and Ray Conniff. The rest is lightweight choral/rock attempts. No original material here - lotta Carmichael tunes, 'Oh Happy Day', 'Jesus Is A Soul Man'. Things do pick up slightly for 'Don't Be A Loser'. Probably not of interest for most - good schlock value for me. Highly recommended for Christian grocery store play. KS