Becky Ugartechea

House Between Two Rivers Maranatha! 1976
 Now Is The Time
House Between Two Rivers is an exceptionally strong debut album, encompassing a variety of styles. While much of Becky's work is flavored with country influences, most of the cuts on this album are a far cry from country. For example, the lead-off "Who's the Master" is a great rocker, with Matthew Ward contributing his distinctive background vocals, while "Take All the Lonely Times" is a sultry jazz/blues number that makes you swear you were sitting in a dark, smoky nightclub. The album is well produced by Al Perkins, who contributes his inimitable steel guitar in the more country-oriented moments. Other heavyweight guests include Terry Talbot, members of the 2nd Chapter of Acts, and guitar virtuoso Jay Graydon. Mike Baird, Jim Fielder, Jim Coile, Paul Harris, Jamie Owens, and Alex MacDougall round out the personnel. This is actually a self-titled album; "House Between Two Rivers" is a translation of Becky's last name, "Ugartechea," (pronounced u-gar-te-shea-a). CP

Look By Faith Light 1979
Look By Faith is a bit of a disappointment after her debut. Released on Light Records, this album seems much less creative than the first, from album cover to production. Most of the album is pleasant enough; maybe too pleasant, as it tends to slide toward MOR mush, with more definite country leanings. "Little Bit of Faith" is an upbeat highlight, and the lead-off "Tell All the World" comes closest to her earlier work stylistically. But overall, this release lacks the spark of her older material. Produced by Al Perkins, this work features James Kehn, David MacKay, Richard Souther, Randy Mitchell, Al MacDougall, Dan Collins, Jamie Owens-Collins, Buddy Owens, Mike Ugartechea, Billi and Dona Thedford, and Phyllis St. James. Arrangements are by David Diggs and Greg Nelson. CP