Where Have They Gone?
- Fred Caban

do-what-is-right GENERATION
Tired of all the Bureaucratic Bulls--t
Searching for solutions,
to a hurting soul,
to a hurting world

Then came the Rebels
Three are dead, but ONE is still ALIVE
where have they gone?
who did they turn on?
the seeds were sown
where have they gone?

they couldn't tolerate the LIES anymore
they discovered the one essential truth of LOVE

Like a heavenly church bell
it called the world to the end of hypocrisy
and the confirmation that GOD IS LOVE

The voice was pure and simple
it melted our frozen hearts

tumbled the highest wall apart!

And so the purity of LONG-HAIRED faith
was not allowed in the sanctuary
of tradition and fear.
But the 'LOVERS of GOD' began to multiply,
Like the cells of a baby in the womb.

The cry of the MOVEMENT
could no longer be ignored,
A few brave lovers let down the draw bridge
to the sanctuary, the TEMPLES of STONE
and so the migration began.

The heart was pure,
And there was great thirst for the knowledge of God.
some had a great hunger for the cup.
others thought it was great to be part of the club.
And some came because they had no family and friends.
some felt they were the center of the hub.
some had nowhere else to go.

And then there were those that just wanted to follow the band.