Wing & A Prayer
Tommy Coomes, Tom Stipe, Jay Truax, John Mehler, Al Perkins

Following the breakup of Love Song in 1974, three of the guys, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax and John Mehler, formed Wing and A Prayer along with keyboardist Tom Stipe and pedal steel player Al Perkins. I recall them sort of being touted as the next Christian "supergroup" but they never really ever reached that status, perhaps due to the fact that they were pretty much just another country/rock sounding band like so many others from the Calvary Chapel scene. W&P never recorded an album but two of their songs were featured on the Maranatha 4 record. Tommy Coomes went on to be the force behind the Maranatha Praise albums and Jay Truax and John Mehler joined up with Paul Clark's band and later the Richie Furay Band. Tom Stipe was a member of the early Maranatha band Country Faith and also the Richie Furay Band. Eventually he became a pastor. Al Perkin's name continues to show up on countless albums even today.

left to right--Beau McDougall (Alex's brother), Jay Truax,
Tom Coomes, John Mehler, Tom Stipe;
scanned from Knott's flyer, circa 1974

Wing and a Prayer flyer;
Melodyland concert, 9/17/74