Alwyn Wall Band

Some of the best news coming out of Britain in the mid-70's was the Alwyn Wall Band. Formed by Alwyn Wall of Malcolm & Alwyn, this new group boasts one of the most professional line-ups in Jesus Music today.

Alwyn Wall toured the U.S. some six times with Malcolm Wild, before they separated in 1976, to pursue individual ministries. Alwyn, born in 1949, was brought up on rock 'n' roll. He was four years old when the first rock `n roll record hit the American charts. Alwyn picked up a guitar when he was 12, and formed his first group, the Night Riders, two years later. At 15, he joined the Zodiacs where he began his long friendship with Malcolm Wild.

The rest of the band included lead guitarist Norman Barratt whose fame traces back to the days with the English rock group, Gravytrain. After he became a Christian, Norman played with the Christian group, Mighty Flyers . Bassist Tony Hudson and drummer Nick Brotherwood were also members of the Mighty Flyers. Per- forming on keyboards is Phil Holmes, whose musical experience goes back to his days with his own group, Apple Crumble.

The Prize Myrrh 1977
 Fly Me
 Musical Thing
 That's Life
One half of the pioneer duo Malcolm & Alwyn. This release is pretty much standard British rock of the era, with strings thrown in for effect, notably on "Dreams On Sand", "Musical Thing," and "All Because Of You". Some of the electric guitar work is quite reminiscent of what you'd find on old Larry Norman/Randy Stonehill stuff, particularly on "That's Life." "All Because Of You" also has a nice long kickin electric guitar solo at the end. Certainly the oddest song on this album is "South California," a rather embarrassingly upbeat exaltation of the sights and people of the land of fruits and nuts (my term for it), but a fun song anyway. CP

Alwyn Wall
The Band:
Alywn Wall - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Norman Barratt - Guitars & Vocals
Phil Holmes - Keyboards & Vocals
Tony Hudson - Bass
Nick Brotherwood - Drums