Barry McGuire

Eve Of Destruction Dunhill 1965

To Know Love
Last Daze Waltz
Love Is
Seeds Myrrh 1973
Gravelly-voiced folk singer of the 'Eve of Destruction' protest anthem finds Jesus and quickly becomes one of the favorites of the early scene. His two Myrrh albums represent his best work. On his first Christian release Seeds Barry hooked up with the 2nd Chapter of Acts (who apply their trademark harmonies to the BGV's), keyboardist Michael Omartian, guitarist Mike Deasy, producer Buck Herring and many others. It's a fun album, although overproduced with string and horn arrangements in spots. KS

To Know Love
Last Daze Waltz
Enter In
David and Goliath
Lear Jets/Father's Son
Love Is
Railroad Man
Use The Crosswalk
Shauna's Song

Produced by : Buck Herring

Credits :
Joe Osborn - Bass
Jim Gordon & David Kemper - Drums
Mike Omartian, Larry Knechtel & Howard McCrary - Keyboards
Mike Deasy, Ben Benay & Dean Parks - Guitars
Barry McGuire - Vocals
2nd Chapter of Acts - Vocals
Mike Deasy - Guitar Solos
Jim Horn & Don Menza - Saxes
Chuck Findley & Ollie Mitchell - Trumpets
Dick Hyde - Trombone
Ben Benay - Harp
Jim Horn - Sax Solos
Mike Omartian - String & Horn Arrangements
Buck Herring & Wally Duguid - Recording Engineers
Recorded & Mixed at Sunwest Studio A, Hollywood

Lighten Up Myrrh 1975
Don't Blame God
Hey World
Happy Road
Lighten Up, by far his best studio lp, is both quieter and heavier. Much of the same band from Seeds is re-enlisted, but the production is less cluttered (and without strings), allowing a better environment for Barry's folk and rock leanings. Rockers like 'Don't Blame God' and 'Hey World' give full vent to Barry's raspy voice, while others like the acoustic re-make of 'Eve of Destruction' or 'Callin' Me Home' are accompanied solely by guitar and piano respectively. KS

Eve Of Destruction/Don't Blame God/II Chronicles 7:14
Callin' Me Home
Pay The Piper
When The Mist Has Rolled Away
Walk In The Sunshine
Hey World!
You've Heard His Voice
Happy Road
How Many Times
Anyone But Jesus

Produced by : Buck Herring

Credits :
a.. Leland Sklar, Joe Osborn & Mike Been - Bass
b.. David Kemper & Jim Gordon - Drums
c.. Larry Knechtel, Mike Omartian & Danny Timms - Piano
d.. Larry Knechtel - Organ & Clavinet
e.. Mike Deasy, Ben Benay & Dean Parks - Guitars
f.. Barry McGuire - Vocals
g.. 2nd Chapter of Acts - Background Vocals
h.. Mike Deasy - Banjo
i.. Mike Omartian - Aarpvark
j.. Ben Benay - Harmonica
k.. Mike Melvoin - Horn Arrangements
l.. Buck Herring - Recording Engineer
m.. Wally Duguid - Photography
n.. Recorded at Puget Sound Recorders, Maple Falls, Washington & Sunwest Studios, Hollywood p.. Mastered at Artisan Sound Recorders, Hollywood

Barry & Nelly Ward
of 2nd Chapter of Acts

To The Bride (w/2nd Chapter of Acts) Myrrh 1975
Come To Praise The Lord
He's Coming Back
Calling Me Home
Collected from four different performances in 1975, this double lp live set faithfully captures the concert feel, but most importantly personalizes the artists by preserving the dialog between the tunes. Barry especially emerges as a humorous storyteller and all-around lovable thirty-something hairy Jesus freak. Both acts are backed by a band called David consisting of Herb Melton (bass), Jack Kelly (drums), Richard Souther (keyboards), Rick Azim (guitar) and Paul Offenbacher (also guitar). 2CA provides BGV's to Barry's set (as they did on his first two studio lps), but they also get a good side and a half to themselves, performing several tunes unavailable on their studio albums. An enjoyable event. KS

Come To Praise The Lord
Little Bitty Dude
He's Comin' Back
Sad Song
Happy Road
Which Way's The Light
Love Peace Joy
I Wonder
Am I Seeing You
Denomination Blues
A Friend
Jimmy's Song
Snow White
Prince Song
He Alone Is Worthy
Easter Song
He Is Coming
Anyone But Jesus
The Only Way
Sing The Melody
Shock Absorbers
Chosen Generation
Jesus People
I Walked A Mile
Callin' Me Home
Each Other
Doesn't That Bible Say
Doesn't That Bible Say (reprise)

Produced by : Buck Herring

Credits :
Herb Melton - Bass
Jack Kelly - Drums
Richard Souther - Keyboards
Rick Azim & Paul Offenbacher - Guitars
Barry McGuire - Additional Guitar
2nd Chapter of Acts - Vocals
Anne Herring - Additional Piano
Recorded in 1975 at Warnors Theatre, Fresno California, July 19
Oakland Auditorium Theatre, Oakland, California, July 26
Civic Auditorium, Redding, California, August 2
Burroughs Auditorium, Burbank, California, August 9
Wally Duguid - Recording Engineer
Gary Bonar & Phil Stephan - Engineering Assistance
Buck Herring - Remix Engineer
Jerry Melrose - Concert Coordinator

Barry with 2nd Chapter of Acts at right

C'mon Along Sparrow 1976
Peppermint Candy Man
C'mon Along
Collection of folk rock and acoustic minstrel-like ballads from the popular troubadour. Includes Terry Talbot, Doug Dillard, and Matthew Ward. Also released a little know custom album entitled Anyone But Jesus (Masterpiece MP-1001, 1976). DS

Have You Heard Sparrow 1977
 There Is A Peace
 The Beatitudes
 Communion Song
Title song reveals McGuire's countercultural background. The "Communion Song" is one of his best recorded efforts. Includes other songs written by Mike Deasy, Wendell Burton, and Steve Chapman. Excessive strings and overproduction are beginning to creep in at this point taking McGuire away from his roots. DS

Cosmic Cowboy Sparrow 1978
Cosmic Cowboy
The title track which was one of the most popular songs of 1978 is an unusual metaphor for Jesus. Backed on the album by Mike Deasy, Bill Maxwell, Abraham Laboriel, Harlan Rogers, Fred Petry, Michael Omartian and Al Perkins. DS

Inside Out(Live) Sparrow 1979

Sittin' in with friends

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